Our Projects


Pumwani Boys

When a client needs more space, the right answer is often expansion of an existing structure. Our structural engineers perform designs for major additions and expansions to existing buildings of every type, size. we build a new look and improved functionality, as well as more space.


We do building renovations for your commercial and residential property. Houseman successfully completed renovations where the clients occupied the space. Our based renovations include bathrooms, lobbies, parking spaces, elevators, offices garages and classrooms.

Jambo Jet Eldoret Office

Houseman General Contractors offers professional office partitioning solutions to clients, at Houseman we create cutting-edge cost-effective designs and concepts for your office.
We can provide anything from a window blind to a complete office suite of executive offices including, electrics, air conditioning, flooring, decorating and décor. 
With our experienced team, we can leverage our expertise to come up with the most appropriate interior solutions for our clients.
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