Attention to Detail

About Us

Houseman General Contractors Ltd was established multiservice in 1998; our design and construction activities cover major sectors of the economy. We have incorporated contemporary production technique and innovative solutions to meet needs to both local and international standards.

We are firmly rooted in local communities, using local expertise and suppliers so that each project benefits our communities. That means that, for every project we’re thoughtful about our approach whether we are building a house from scratch or making improvements to various amenities.

Our customers rely on our thinking to help them meet their toughest challenges. That’s because we're passionate about applying out ingenuity to everything from major projects that improve our infrastructures, to local and regional projects that help build lasting communities.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, learning from experience and ensuring excellence in all our projects. We lead by example, engaging and encouraging our people and partners to add value for our customers and the communities that we serve.

Why Choose us


Houseman believes in doing things the right way. The company focuses on quality in each aspect of the project to create magnificent living spaces. We never compromise on quality. We believe that quality is the way to achieve a superior result.


At Houseman,  we know that its customers who have invested a lot of time and money in their dreams. We value  our customer’s trust and, therefore, we're committed to deliver all projects on time and deliver more then what it promises.


As the world advances, at Houseman we stay on the loop that's why we seek and find in every action new ways to do our work better. We always thrive to choose new technologies and manners so as to improve the quality and deliver the best.
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